Getting there!

Whew!  This blogging takes some time and some work!  All I want to do is RMM (run my mouth) – ha!  I have no problem doing that of course, but I reckon I need to make sure this site looks “good enough” for folks to want to visit it.  So far, I’ve uploaded a pic and put a little note about myself.  I’ll get the hang of making it look fancy.  I hope.  In the meantime, I will fill you in a few disclaimers right from the start. Or house rules, so-to-speak. 🙂

#1 I’ll be talking about the Lord.  He’s my Savior and the One who gave me this big mouth.  I’ve not been to seminary nor do I claim to be perfect or know every single verse in the Bible. What I do know is that He created and loves me – and you. And, those of us who have accepted Him as Lord and Savior have eternal life with Him.  We are here to bring Him glory and I’m going to keep on keeping on until He takes me to the ultimate Glory Land. 🙂

#2 I do know good grammar AND how to use it. But. I won’t be using it all the time.  Punctuation either.   And I’m a Southern girl so expect to see the word “ain’t” quite a bit.

#3 It isn’t about me (ha – you thought I’d use “ain’t” didn’t you?).  Even though I will use “I, me, my, mine” a lot, this blog is in no way intended to bring glory to me or anything I’ve done, said, or accomplished.  I’m telling my story along the way for you, the reader, to enjoy.  I want you to be inspired, encouraged and lifted up. That’s my “mission statement” for this blog – to share my experiences, projects, funny things – and much more – with you – and do it in a way that glorifies Him. We’ll talk about life – and living it in abundance – as John 10:10 declares.  My abundance includes lots of things that we will get to.  I want to hear about your abundance too, so please share with me!

Well, I did have one more thing I wanted to say but I already forgot (oh yeah, now I remember)….BLONDE-ISMS! What is a “blonde-ism?”  I’m glad you asked. It’s those silly, “duh” moments (notice I said “duh” not “dumb”) that I will share along the way. We all have them. No matter our hair color.

First post

What an original, catchy title for my first post on the newly created Mississippi Blonde Blog. Don’t ya love it?! So….why in the world did I start a blog and why do you even care (if you even do)…?? Hmm….well…it’s like this…I have a big mouth with lots to say and I wanna say it. And somewhere along the way I hope that something I say will encourage you, inspire you (yeah YOU….the one who is reading this) and humor you. Psalm 19:14 (KJV) reads, “Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, my strength, and my redeemer.” I have many prayers for the new year – as I’m sure many of you do – but this is my main – most one! My mouth is big and loud and sometimes gets me into a mess. I finally told myself (yeah I talk to myself sometimes….you probably do too….or maybe it’s just me)…..Told myself that the Lord
made me this way for a reason and I’d be better off letting Him use me for His glory instead of beating myself up and trying to change myself. So there ya go. There’s been a stewing and a brewing in my spirit to do this for quite some time and so I’m just doing it. Hope you enjoy!