In Moments Like These

Sprawled out on a thick, comfy cushion atop a beach chaise in Los Cabos Mexico. Turquoise blue ocean waves crashing upon a sandy shore, the sun beaming brightly in a cloudless sky and a faint breeze slightly tugging on my floppy, straw hat with the man of my dreams on the chaise next to me within arm’s reach.  It was then and there, as I was praying and thanking God for the beauty of His creation and the blessing of the trip itself, that He dropped the title of today’s blog deep within my spirit.

That was in June of this year.  Four months ago.  I haven’t written since sometime before that and as my natural inclination begs the questions, “Why?” or “What has taken me so long?” I am reminded that God’s timing is perfect.  Although the longing to put the fingers to the keyboard hasn’t waivered, perhaps the priority has.  Perhaps other “things” have found their way to the top of the never-ending To-Do List.  Or maybe, I’ve simply been embracing other moments, doing the best I could, with my Father’s help, to pave the way for this very moment right now.

I stayed home from church today. Bronchitis – one; me – zero.  Ok, bronchitis you win.  What?  Win?  This isn’t a competition.  But you see for me, it was.  Almost a week ago I was diagnosed and after receiving several prescriptions, I determined to beat it.  Too much to do.  Too many moments to enjoy.  But this tired, overworked, under-rested body – and my Heavenly Father had other plans.  I needed sleep.  I needed time with Jesus.  I needed to be still in His presence and allow Him to restore my soul, my spirit, my body.

Now, as I lie sprawled out on a chaise in my home, with the sound of a barking dog in a neighbor’s yard, the smell of a roast in the crock pot and a big pile of messy hair on this coughing head, I am forever grateful for this moment.  And so incredibly glad that my Daddy, my God loves me with an unconditional, unchanging, crazy kinda love!

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