A heart like His

I wanna have a heart like Jesus.  A heart empty of judgment; full of love.  A heart closed to fear and fully open to forgiveness.  One that gives more than it takes and sees good in the midst of bad.  A heart that beats FOR Him, not just because of Him.  Every. Single. Beat.  But I’m a sinner.  I’m fragile and I’m human.  And I fall short in tall ways. And my shortcomings overwhelm me in the light of His purity.  Oh but grace…God’s grace. That which I cannot comprehend I can still choose to embrace. So I do.  And the clean waters of His love wash the dirt away.

Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.  Psalm 51:10 NIV




Step on in…

Several weeks ago a friend said to me, “You are always on the go and see lots of nice places.  You should start a blog.”  I replied, “I DO have a blog but I’ve not written in quite some time.”  Just a few days prior another friend told me, “I sure do miss your blog.  I always love reading what you write.”

Ok, God.  I hear You.  Somebody – or at least TWO somebodies out there –  want to hear what I have to say through this platform.  Oh yeah, this means of communication that is a direct result of intense prayer time and a spirit-led decision to put my crazy, transparent thoughts on the World-Wide-Web, complete with a glamour shot and a quite appropriate label of “Mississippi Blonde.”   Yep, You still want me to do it.  You haven’t gone anywhere….I have.

Ask. Seek. Knock. And it shall be given to us according to God’s will.  We know this scripture.  We quote it.  We commit it to memory.  And, in our own human frailty, we believe that He will answer the question, open the door, provide the guidance. And He does, although not always when or how we desire.  But…what do we do when He answers?  Often if we get the response we want, we praise Him with hands held high and we shout “Amen” loud and proud.  We go forth on the path that we believe has been clearly revealed by His spirit or through His word.  On the other hand, if we receive less than our desired answer, we aren’t as willing to raise our arms toward Heaven.  We fall short in the excitement of a Father who still answers prayers.  So we stand. We stand at the door.  The door that we knocked on – and that He opened. And we keep standing – unwilling to take the next step – to cross the threshold into His perfect will.

I have no idea who needs this.  But I do know that I had to walk through the door – today. Not tomorrow.  Not next week. Today.  What door do YOU need to walk through?  He has already opened it for you…just simply step on in!